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Produk Toyusin Batik ini sangat spesial dan terbatas (limited edition).
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The Art of Batik Painting

Batik is a creative art of painting on fabric. It is believed to have originated in antiquity and is still a living art in Indonesia and other parts of the world. This traditional handicraft uses ‘wax resist technique’ for dyeing fabric.

Toyusin Collection on June - July 2008

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Batik Lifestyle "Mendadak BATIK"

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The Javanese dalang (puppeteer) not only was responsible for the wayang puppets but was also an important source of batik patterns. Wayang puppets are usually made of goat skin, which is then perforated and painted to create the illusion of clothing on the puppet.
Used puppets were often sold to eager ladies who used the puppets as guides for their batik patterns. They would blow charcoal through the holes that define the patterns of clothing on the puppets, in order to copy the intricate designs onto the cloth.

Baju Koko for Men

Easy Matching Muslimah ..2

Easy Matching Muslimah Model 2

Easy Matching Muslimah Model 2

Easy Matching Muslimah